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Take a Closer Look at Genome

Visitors explore Genome

Marketing Intern Ruth Segenet shares her picks for don't-miss exhibits in the Genome exhibition.

Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code explores the human genome, the three-billion-part instruction manual written in DNA, and the role of genomics in modern life. Genome features a variety of fascinating exhibits that demonstrate the revolutionary nature of genomic science.

Here are some exhibits within Genome that you won't want to miss:

Genomics and Family: What Would You Decide? Take part in a virtual journey, and help fictional family members decide whether to have their genomes sequences and what to do with the information it reveals. After helping these family members, see how these challenging genomic decisions have affected their lives.

DNA Detective Work. Genomic testing shows why some HIV patients react badly to a commonly used drug. Visitors become doctors and, before prescribing medicine, must first test their patients for the genomic variant that causes a bad reaction to the drug. Turn the wheel to align the code for each patient. Do any of the patients have the variant?

Genes, Choices, and Fate. In this activity, three people have undergone genetic testing because their family health histories predicted a high risk for illness. Slide an arrow to decide how much each person smokes and spin the wheel to determine whether they develop lung cancer. Visitors can find out the diagnosis and explore the effects of lifestyle and chance on who gets sick.

Unraveling the Code. The genetic code is a language written in the A’s, C’s, G’s and T’s that represent the four chemical building blocks of DNA. In this activity, visitors can sequence the genome by hand, finding the string of DNA by lining up the rows of letters. 

Check out Genome: Unlocking Life's Code at the Fleet through January 4, 2015.