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Fleetster Friday: Meet Michelle Powers

It’s Fleetster Friday! This week, meet Mission Valley resident, Michelle Powers. As the Director of Donor Relations, Michelle is responsible for engaging, stewarding, and supporting the Fleet’s donors. Michelle is responsible for growing the Luminary Society, the Fleet’s premier circle of philanthropists and cultivating a culture of philanthropy among donors, members, and friends of the Fleet.

  • Complete this sentence: I love science because…

I love science because it is a powerful tool by which I can better understand the world around me. Science has the power to connect everyone and allows us collectively find solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Science opens doors to infinite possibilities to learn and grow. In particular, seeing kids interacting with science is extremely inspiring: there are SO many bright students in San Diego!

  • Describe your job in four words.

Connecting people to purpose!

  • Who was your childhood actor/actress crush?

Probably some Frankenstein-esque combination of Jared Leto, Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands, Nick Cave, Morrissey, Trent Reznor and Robert Smith from The Cure. Yikes. Can’t say I didn’t have a “type.”

  • What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?

Not so surprising, as it is already in the works, but I am compelled by all of the research being done around understanding how the brain can grow and recover from traumatic injury and the overall potential for regrowth and repair in our brain cells. I’ve read about how researchers are continuing to explore oxygen treatments as a way to “reverse” brain injury. While this is still controversial, it is fascinating to think about the possibilities…. Incidentally, the next book on my reading list is called Neuroplasticity by Moheb Costandi. It was recommended to me by Elena Blanco-Suarez, who is both one of the Fleet’s amazing volunteers and a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Salk Institute. Thank you, Elena!

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